Due to high demand and problems in delivery it is currently not possible to purchase out of stock products in our webshop until backorders is sent out and stock is available again.
Pending orders is delivered as fast as possible, we apologize the long delays and appreciate your patience.
New customers we recommend finding your closest retailer/distributor of our products.

Date: 11 March 2021:
Gstove have had a high demand for our products with long delivery time for a long time because we are a small company, we have been working on this for a long time with larger productions and more space in the new warehouse we now have moved into and is operational.
Gstove is a small family company that appreciate the patience from all of our customers and we are now running large productions that will ensure that all that is waiting for orders or order now will receive within the next few months.
Dates on the websites is only estimates and change back and forth depending on changes to productions, credited orders and a normal production time that system is automatically setting in the webshop, so we are therefor informing that all orders will be shipped out the next few months.
We appologise the delays and is shipping out orders every day and will forward receive the larger productions that will ensure that we can deliver faster and have stock available.
If you have a order and do not want to wait for delivery, contact us on email Support@gstove.no and the order will be cancelled and credited.

Date: 25 February 2021:
Gstove Nature View Tipi tents is now beeing tested, we have upgraded our tipi series with more features, fabric, designs and also releasing more sizes.

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