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Gstove Cooking View Camping Stove

Integrated cooking oven + Glass door

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Product nr:12002
288 USD

This products is currently unavailable because of long leadtime!
Gstove Cooking has a integrated cooking oven that makes it possible to cook food like home when you are in the outdoors.
Cooking View version also has a door with glass window.
The stove body has lifetime warranty!

Unconfirmed 8/30/2021
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This stove is designed for those who like to camp, but at the same time want some of the cooking possibilities you have at home.
The stove has an integrated baking oven and cooking facilities on top so you can still enjoy lasagna and pizza on the go.
The stove is made by stanless steel that makes the stove robust and the best possible quality.

Gstove tent stoves is universal stoves that fits all tents and can be upgraded both in effect and use.

Cooking Oven
Our unique stove has an integrated cooking oven that makes it possible to make all types of food, just like you would at home and impress your campingpartners with fresh bakery, pizza or just ovenbake the fresh fish you just got up from the water.
It is only the imagination that stops the possibilities.

Elevated edge:
We have an elevated edge in the back of our furnaces, which creates a draw extraction and increased combustion,  more power and less wood consumption.

At the door you will find the air intake in the form of a turntable.
At full opening, the oven is quickly warm and red hot. It provides good heat in the tent and even at the lowest it will keep the fire in the oven.
The door of Gstove can be slid off the attachment so that you can remove it and shake out all leftovers in the oven before packing together after the trip.

The legs are folded while transporting to take less space and keep the stove stabile under transport.
They are fastened with sturdy splints in the legs to ensure that their legs do not clap or the stove tips over.
If you want more height on the stove, we have 30 cm legs sold as an option, these are easily replaced with the original legs.

Standard pipes supplied provide a height of 237 cm.
These are located inside the oven to save space during transport.
There you will also find a top hat that distributes the smoke evenly to all sides and ensures that more heat is inside the tent while the smoke is searing out.
You can easily adjust the pipe height by purchasing extra pipes to cover the height you need.
We also sell bent pipes so you can use our stoves in any tent.

Inside the oven you will find a grate that can be removed if you want larger wood cubes.
The grate ensures that wood burns efficiently and does not form large coal bits, but instead becomes porous ash which can easily be scratched with the supplied ash scraper.
Wood can go all the way in, but if they are to big they will hit the baking oven.
From the opening to the baking oven it is 23 cm for wood.

The top handles can be used as a small drying stand or relief for cookingpans.
They also make it easier to carry the oven on a trip.
These are folded together during transport to save space.

In addition to the standard pipes and grills, we also include a ashscraper for cleaning the oven.
This is located inside the oven during transport.
The ashscraper makes it easy to clean under the grills when the stove is in use, this makes the stove always have good amount of oxygen and keeps the effect at maximum.

Gstove AS only deliver quality products that is designed by Gstove AS.
Stoves and accesories is made by stainless steel that lasts year after year.
We release new products that fits together to make the best possible experience outdoor.


Technical info

Product information

Door opening heigth 15,5cm (6.10In)
Door opening width 12,5cm (4.92In)
Fits Tentsize
  • 0-2 Person tent
  • 2-4 Person telt
  • 4-6 Person tent
  • 6-8 Person tent
Handle/Dryrack Length 28,7cm (11.30In)
Handle/Dryrack Width 13cm (5.12In)
Height assembled 237cm (93.31In)
Length 38cm (14.96In)
Material Stainless Steel
Oven Depth 22cm (8.66In)
Oven Height 7cm (2.76In)
Oven Width 14,5cm (5.71In)
Standard Content 1 x Stove, 8 x Pipe, 1 x Grate, 1 x Ashscraper, 1 x Pipe Cowl, 1 x Glass Door
Weight 9900g
Width 22cm (8.66In)

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