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Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi 2

4 Season Tipi with unique features

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Product nr:100314
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4 season tipiof high quality with unique features. PU5000mm water resistance, 200D/110T Jacquard polyester RipStop, UV protected, flame retardant, fireproof top that is specially developed for the use of a wood stove inside and can easily be set up by 1 person alone.
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Gstove Nature View Tipi has now been upgraded to version 2     


Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi is a robust tipi with high quality for use all seasons and can be set up by 1 person alone regardless of size choice.

The tipi has been developed with unique functions, a large doorway for a wide view and integrated mesh in all openings, and can be customized with accessories with our unique portals with accessories that fits your trips.


** Robust tipi in high quality 200D/110T Jacquard  Polyester RipStop with 5000mm PU water protection, UV Protected, Flame retardant, and fireproof top ring making it possible to pack down a hot wood stove without the risk of burning holes or damaging the tipi.
** Velcro strips for all guy ropes for easy packing and setup.
** Specially designed for usage of wood stoves inside.
** Integrated portals for customizing with accessories.
** Wood stoves can be placed in the middle, or in the back of the tipi with accessory that will keep the hot stove safely away from animals and children.
** Storm mats both outside and inside.
** 3 x Adjustable ventilation openings with mosquito nets ensure good ventilation and little condensation.
** Attachments to ground floor and inner tent are integrated.
** Interconnected guy ropes for easy setup and adjustment.
** Straight walls at the start for better space utilization and seating comfort.
** Rain leaders to get rain and snow away.
** Repair kit included.
** »Leave no trace» bag included to ensure nature stays clean.


More information about Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi:


The door is designed so that you can easily go in and out with luggage/gear and at the same time have a good view of your surroundings from the inside when door is rolled up.
The door is shaped with 2 zippers that ensures easy opening and closing, one at the bottom and one at the top/side and both zippers are protected from rain and snow with separate protectors that go over the zippers.
There is also a mesh door that also can be rolled up separately from the main door.


** Guy ropes:
The guy ropes for Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi are in an orange color with reflectors that makes it easy to spot the tipi and the guy ropes around from distance.
The guy ropes are attached so that you only need 1 tent plug for 2 ropes, there is also an adjustment integrated that allows you to pull it back and forth to tighten/loosen the tension or angle rain leaders up or down.
All guy rope attachments in the tipi are reinforced in both material and sewing to ensure that they can withstand strong winds.


** Center pole:
We have developed the center pole from scratch as this will also have special accessories in the future which everyone can then replace one part of the center pole to add accessories.
The center pole has an elastic thread inside which ensures that the parts does not lie loose, and makes it easier to set up and pack together.
The center pole has a tip at the end for easy and secure connection to the tipi`s top ring which is made of fireproof material.


** Tent peg ropes:
To ensure stability in strong winds, we have provided 3 adjustable tent ropes on each side of the tipi + double guy ropes, so that your Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi stands steady regardless of weather and does not let in cold drafts or snow.
The adjustable tent peg ropes also ensure that you can move around the ropes a bit if you hit a rock or similar where you are trying to set up.
All tent peg ropes have tension straps if you need to readjust.


** Tent peg:
Our tent pegs are made of aluminum which is suitable for use in most surfaces.
The tent pegs are in a red color which ensures that they are visible if you lose them in the snow in the winter.
The tent pegs also have orange rope attachments so that you can easily pull them up off the ground, if they are frozen to the ground, use a stick through this rope attachment and pull up with both hands.


** Storm mat:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi are equipped with 2 storm mats.
On the inside, a storm mat is included, this goes under the ground floor if this is attached.
On the outside, we have added a storm mat with its own tent peg attachments for extra windy days.
The storm mats ensure that wind, snow and cold drafts do not enter the tipi and you thus avoid getting cold drafts in the back even without a bottom cloth fitted.


** Ventilation
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi has 3 integrated air vents with mesh that ensure good ventilation, minimal condensation and at the same time keep insects out.
The air vents can be easily adjusted from the inside, have their own guy ropes on the outside with a roof over to keep rain, snow and wind away.
The air vents are located to provide maximum airflow through the tipi, and an air vent is located in the back where your wood stove can be placed so that the stove always has sufficient air for maximum effect without having the others open if it is not desirable.


** Gstove Portal:
All our Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi`s have an integrated Gstove portal with a lid that can be easily rolled up and down even with mounted accessories.
This portal has many options and accessories and more that will be launched in the future, this means that you will get a very flexible tipi with features others do not have.
As standard, there is an integrated lid with a zipper that can be rolled up to provide ventilation on hot days, and you have one open window when you want this.
Zippers for the desired accessories are also integrated as standard, so you can mount fireproof openings, mesh window, PVC windows etc whenever you want.


** Power cable opening:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi is as standard equipped with 2 openings on the lower wall (1 on each side) that can be opened and closed with a zipper that ensures that you can stretch a power cable when located at campsites into the tipi without the risk of rain/wind coming in.


** Fastening clips:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi comes with fasteners mounted for both the inner tent and ground floor accessories.
This makes it very easy and quick to install both the inner tent and ground floor, and also makes it easy to take down the inner tent during the day if the weather is bad and you need more seating space.

** Mesh
At the top of our tipi there is a mesh net that easily can be adjusted to the opening size you want, which ensures that when using a wood stove it is completely tight around the tentprotector, but also completely tight around the center pole if you do not use an stove.
In addition, the mesh net can be rolled up if you do not want to use it.
All openings have integrated mesh, doors, top of tipi and air vents to keep all insects out.


** Fireproof top:
Our unique fireproof top in Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi ensures that you never melt the tipi fabric or the top ropes when unpacking a hot wood stove.
When using a Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi, you do not have to sit and wait for the stove to cool down before you unpack the camp and can unpack at a comfortable temperature and take the stove out last before you pack down the tipi.


** Top hat:
The top hat of Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi is fitted with a split, so you can easily open or close a part on hot summer days.
Our top hat is also designed so that when using a wood stove with a tentprotector in the center of the tipi, you can easily lay both edges around the tentprotector and tighten with the ropes, which ensures that no rain enters the tipi and heat stays inside.


** Rain leader:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi has integrated rain leaders all the way around the tipi to ensure that rain and snow are led away from the tipi instead of running down the sides.
This ensures that ice in winter will only hang down from these and is simple to clean off before packing down.
Rain leaders can be adjusted to the desired angle by adjusting the guy ropes.


** Straight walls:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi have 50cm straight walls that ensures that our tipis are very spacious with maximum space utilization.
By having straight walls, you will also have better seating comfort and not be hit by the cold fabric.
The straight walls are also equipped with reflective material so that heat will also hit you in the back and thus do not feel cold if you sit close to the tipi wall on cold days when you use a wood stove.


** Bag
The bag has also been upgraded so that you can now easily fold the tipi lengthwise so that it is as wide as the bag, place the pole, tent pegs, and top hat on top and roll up the tipi and then pull the tipi bag over.
Alternatively, you can also push the tipi down in the bag little by little and then put the integrated lid over and tighten.


** Leave no trace:
One thing we see as very important is to keep the nature clean, which means that what you bring out into nature you will bring home again.
That is why we have chosen to include a large garbage bag made of polyester with our tipis so that you can easily collect all the garbage when you are on trips, this bag can easily be closed with an adjustable closing mechanism so nothing falls out or emit odors.
When you get home, empty the bag, wash it and you are ready for a new trip out into nature and can make sure that nature is as clean as it was when you arrived.


All Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi`s have 5000mm PU water protection, Flame retardant, UV protected and with Ripstop outer fabric, in addition, the top ring and the threads are fireproof.
This ensures that our tipi`s maintain high quality and be long lasting in all kinds of weather year after year, and are easy to repair with the included repair kit if the accident occurs.


** Sizes:
Gstove uses its own definitions of sizes of our tipi`s, this to make sure that the size you choose actually has room for this number of people + stove and gear you bring with you and that it is based on actual adults persons with a height of 180cm +.
Our tipi`s use market standard, but are stated a size smaller in product name even though we bring in much more real volume with our 50cm straight walls, precisely because everyone actually brings a backpack, gear, wood stove and more and we calculate this as 1 person +, which we therefore subtract in the product name.
So by choosing a tipi from Gstove, you are guaranteed to have enough space for specified people and a little more.


** Setup:
Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi`s is designed to be easily set up by 1 person alone.

This is done as follows:
1. Stretch the sides of the tipi so that you get a hexagon shape and all the sides are straight.
2. Peg it down with included tent pegs.
3. Mount the center bar and insert it into the middle of the tipi, put on the top hat and lift center pole so that the center pole is in the center of the tipi.
4. Get out of the tipi, close the door and fasten the guy ropes on the outer walls, these can be readjusted after installation.
5. The tipi is now set up and you can fasten the top hat guy ropes easily with the metal clips by clipping them together with the guyropes around the tipi.


Video for setting up Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi:
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Read about technical information at the bottom of this page.
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Technical info

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