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Portal Mesh Window

Mesh window to Nature View Tipi

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Product nr:100294
45 USD

Portal Mesh Window lets you have open portals, get a small draft inside the tipi on warm days, without letting insects inside.

The integrated portal lid can be rolled up, and also be closed with zippers when you are not using the Portal Mesh Window to prevent rain to enter.
You therefor do not have to take this on and off, just roll the portal lid up when you want

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With Portal Mesh Window you can have the portal open, get daylight inside and have the view out over the surroundings where you are located, and keep insects/bugs outside.

On hot days you will be able to get some more draft inside that creates a more comfortable temperature inside the tipi.
On the colder days this will keep the heat from the wood stove inside, but also prevent cold wind to come inside.

PS: Gstove Nature View Premium Tipi Portals have integrated zippers both for the lid and for accessories like this, this so the portal lid can be rolled up or closed with zippers over this accessorie when not in use.

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Material Mosquito Net

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