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Nature View Premium Ground Floor 3-5

Prevent condensation and sharp ground

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Ground floor for your Gstove Nature View Lavvo that protects against sharp ground and prevents condensation.

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Ground floor for Gstove Nature View 1 person tipi

Gstove Nature View Ground Floor is a robust ground floor with 10.000PU that protects against the ground and gives protection against condensation and bugs.
The ground floor will also prevent cold draft from entering the tipi.

Gstove Nature View ground floor is designed so that it can be used in several ways and be adjusted easilly (See pictures)
1. Covers the whole floor
2. Open in the back (recommended when using a wood stove in the back)
3. Open in the front (recommended when muddy ground or wet, this so you can take off wet shoes and clothing before entering the tent floor.
4. Open front and back, this can be used when stacking firewood and gear in the center of the tipi to prevent damaging the ground floor.

The ground floor can fast and easy be set up by clipsing the buckles on to the tipis integrated buckles.

Each side of the ground floor has elastic bands that makes it easy to roll up the floor and keep it in position.


Setup of ground floor Video:
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