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Frying Pan in Cast Iron

Cast Iron Pan with high edge

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Product nr:100192
26 USD

Frying pan in cast iron from Gstove.

A practical and effective frying pan in cast iron that will be a faithful hiking-friend for years to come.
High edge and pour spouts on both sides to create stock or make a nice sauce.

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Gstove cast iron pan is in place.
The pan made of cast iron fits perfectly on a trip with your Gstove, but can also be used on all other heating surface, as well as directly on the fire.
With its high edge of 4,1cm and practical spout its easy to make great sauces on your trips.
This pan will last for years.
Wash only with hot water without soap.

The pan comes pre oiled and ready to use.

If your Gstove cast iron pan would corrode:
Scrub away the worst rust with steel wool, and then wash the product thoroughly.
You can use a mild soap. Wipe the entire product and cover it with a thin layer of canola oil in the entire cooking surface and warm it up at high heat on the stove for about 15 minutes.
If it does not take away all the rust, so just run the process of baking the product in the oven again.

Frying Pan in Cast Iron.

*Diameter bottom: 16,5cm ( 6.50In )
*Diameter Topp: 20,4cm ( 8,03 In )
*Dybde: 4,1cm ( 1.61In )
*Length with handle: 30cm ( 11.81In )
*Material: Cast Iron
*Weight: 1,5kg


Technical info

Product information

  • topp 8.03 In
  • Bottom 6,50 In
Length 30cm (11.81In)
Material Cast Iron
Weight 1500g

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