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Sibley 400 Tent - Pro Edition

Matches Perfect with a Gstove Fire Stove

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Product nr:100160
791 USD
The Sibley 400 Pro is the smallest bell tent in the Pro series and still boasts more than enough space for 2-4 adults: measuring 4 meters (13ft 1in) in diameter with 12,5 m² (134 ft²) of floor space. 
All of the tents in Pro series are made with high grade materials for long term use and 4 season camping. 
Waterproof and breathable PRO Canvas (360 gr/m² or 10.62 oz/yd²) with added UV and mold resistance. 
Bathtub style, rip-stop Pro grade floor (650 gr/m² or 19.17 oz/yd²), detaches completely for roll up side walls. 
Even the poles, ropes, and stakes are stronger.
Fully loaded with thoughtfully engineered features: mesh backed windows, sewn in mesh doors, carry bags, rope safe tensioners, and more. 
Check out the ProTech series for all of the above AND a mesh wall.
On demand (9 days)
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The 400 is ideal for 2 glampers on a full mattress or as many as 4 campers on sleeping pads.

Roll Up Side Walls and Zipper Groundsheet: Pro Grade

Our Pro groundsheets attach to the tent with a zipper and are made of are thick, thermally welded, rip-stop PVC (540 gr/m² or 15.93 oz/yd²). 
Completely water and vapor impenetrable, the ‘bathtub style’ floor rises 4 inches high to keep you dry even in standing water. 
Using a heavy duty size 10 zipper to attach the sidewall to the groundsheet, you can unzip the floor to roll up the canvas walls for maximum ventilation, or remove the groundsheet entirely for transport, storage, cleaning, or to enjoy the grass or sand beneath your feet. 
A tail gate style system of secure hooks and loops allows you to drop the bathtub wall near the door and peg it flat to prevent tripping and facilitate easy cleaning.

Pro Integrated Mesh Door

The Sibley 400 Pro includes a sewn in no-see-um mesh door in addition to the traditional canvas door.
The tent is equipped with loops on either side of the door to neatly tie back the mesh door when not in use.

Pro Guy Lines and Tensioners

First time set up is a breeze with the Pro’s guy lines which are pre-attached to the tent and threaded through our tensioners. 
The Pro grade guy lines have been upgraded with corded nylon rope to make adjusting the tension on the line easier. 
Pro guy lines have are 5mm thick and have an additional UV resistant treatment.
Plastic tensioners prevent edges from cutting into the guy lines and Prolong the life of your tent.

Pro Stakes and Pegs

Specially designed for high wind or hard and rocky ground, our Pro stakes are made from the same high quality nickel plated steel our poles are made from. 
CanvasCamp exclusive Pro guy line stakes are 24cm (9.5 inches) angled and serrated to hold up to pounding into frozen or rocky round.  
A T shaped hook is welded securely to the stop to prevent guy lines from slipping off even in high wind.
Pro groundsheet pegs are 50% thicker than standard pegs. 
The pegs for the floor are round to slip through the grommets on the groundsheet, and have a hook shaped top and hold the floor in place. 

Pro Spring Loaded Poles

The poles on the Pro series have been beefed up from the standard poles included with the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Series. 
Pro door poles are 23mm (.91 inch) and the center pole is 32mm (1.25 inches) in diameter. 
Internal spring loaded wires guide the pole sections together for quick and easy assembly.  The center pole has a welded lanyard ring which can be used to hang an inner tent or chandelier.  

Pro Canvas

Pro Canvas (360 gr/m² or 10.62 oz/yd²) is the best canvas for premium bell tents; but it’s not all about the weight. 
Our Proprietary Pro treatment adds additional waterProofing to the natural water resistance of canvas, along with mold and UV resistance. 
Pro canvas is designed for long term use and wide range climates.
A balance of breathability, waterProofing, and durability; Pro canvas is ideal for camping comfortably in all 4 seasons.
Repairable and retreatable, a Properly maintained Pro can last for years. 
Double stitched, flat-felled roof and side wall seams, seam gussets, and double-layer construction at all stress points create a bell tent that is as durable as it is beautiful.

100% Cotton canvas Provides a natural waterProofing and breathability. 
Cotton fibers swell when damp, the tight weave prevents rain from penetrating and the surface tension of moisture drops on the outside combined with the steep angle of the canopy allows water to bead and run off. 
Moisture held in the air on the inside is still able to escape directly through the fabric, keeping internal humidity low and mitigating condensation. 

Check out our FAQ for more information than you could ever need to know about cotton canvas and Proper tent maintenance.

100% Cotton Canvas

Our Sibley canvas is made exclusively from 100% cotton. 
Cotton is made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant.
Sustainable, renewable, and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth. 
Our canvas is a soft, natural, earthy beige that glows inside and out with natural or artificial light. 
CanvasCamp is the only tent manufacture to carry the official Seal of Cotton®.

Windows and Vents

Every Sibley comes complete with windows and vents covered in no-see-um mesh to keep the bugs out while Providing ventilation and airflow. 
Our half-moon windows have zip up covers to allow you to customize your desired level of ventilation and privacy. 
Each window is equipped with loop fasteners to neatly hold the covers when the windows are unzipped.
There are 4 windows and 3 vents on the Sibley 400.

Stove Compatibility

All CanvasCamp tents are easily adaptable for use with a Gstove wood burning tent stove and all of its accessories . 
Proper stove placement is dependent on stove size, tent size, flu exit style, desired temperature, and the environment you intend to camp in.


Technical info

Product information

Areal 12,5 m2
Diameter 400 cm (157.48In)
Standard Content Sibley tent, Guyropes, Tentpegs, Floor, Bag, Poles
Weight 29000g

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