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Information about Gstove:


Gstove AS is a family business in Norway that consists of outdoor enthusiasts who use every opportunity to get out into the nature.


This is also why we develop high quality products that allow both adults and children to enjoy their trips in the wilderness with the greatest possible joy and comfort.
Our high quality products ensures that we can give our customers the assurance that our products last year after year.
Our main focus is our customers where we assist with quick help and info on most social media platforms, by phone and email, and that no matter what problems our customers might have, big or small, we do our best to solve them, and make sure our customers are satisfied.
If there is a problem with our product, it should never go out on our customer, therefore we also have a lifetime warranty on our tent stoves.


Gstove only develops and delivers quality products that make trips in the outdoors as simple and comfortable as possible for anyone who is involved, regardless of whether you are camping one night or 365 nights a year.


Gstove was designed with its unique design and functionality in 2007, where the first version of our Gstove lavvo stove was developed in 2009.
Initially, we designed and developed a tent stove as we did not find a stove that could offer that effect, low weight, quality and at the same time be able to further develop with accessories elsewhere so we made this ourselves instead, the response has been enormous in Norway and internationally.

We constantly design and develop new products such as stoves and accessories, but also in all other categories of outdoor life such as lavvo/tipis and more.

Gstove AS focuses on developing innovative solutions for the outdoor life and we have many products that are being launched in the years to come, and we see that several other companies are copying our products as they are very popular and offer unique opportunities,

We in Gstove of course continue to design and develop innovative products that is new to the marked, which at launch will make your everyday life in the outdoors more comfortable and give more joy and comfort, and give our customers the best we can of both products and service.


Our popular low stoves are just the beginning of what we are going to offer you.

Gstove Prototype in 2009


In 2007, the design for Gstove was developed, the first version was made in 2009 and was a very large stove to test the functionality and thickness of the steel.
As shown below, you can see the first version, which was 27 kg, in the years from 2009 to 2014, our first stoves were tested and improved before releasing the stoves we have today.


We work continuously on new products that are tested daily under harsh conditions to ensure that our products provide the quality and functionality that we want to deliver to our customers before our products are launched.

When our products are released, our customers can be sure that what they buy is lasting year after year.

Our first lavvo was development in 2015, we spend a very long time on our products to ensure that our products provide unique features and that they maintain the quality we promise, and with great help from our customers, all our products are continuous in development to make them better and better.


Thanks for all the support and their contribution to making outdoor life a better place for more people out there.

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